Review: AVATAR!

If you haven't noticed, we here at GeekTyrant have been really excited for this film to come out.  The anticipation was basically killing us.  The day has arrived and the film did not let me down.

I have heard people saying that it looked like a second rate sci-fi film.  To that I say, you are wrong sir.  This movie was visually stunning.  The time that it took James Cameron to make this film was time well spent.  I found myself holding my breath due to the beauty of the world that he made.

********* WARNING!****WARNING!*****POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD!************************

I was in San Diego when JC premiered cuts from this film.  Even though he showed us about 25 minutes of it, we weren't shown anything.  

If someone told you the synopsis of the film, you would say that it is your basic sci-fi film. Humans invade a planet, the planet's natives don't like it and a big fight ensues. But JC took this concept to the next level. From the first time you see the alien planet Pandora, till the credits roll, your brain is pummeled with some of the most beautiful images you have ever seen.

The characters were a little over the top, but in true JC style, that is exactly what the story needed.  If the characters weren't as colorful as they were, the story would have been lost in a bunch of really awesome scenery.  Unlike most sci-fi films that we've been seeing lately, this actually had a captivating story and wasn't all about how much blood and sex they could fit into one film -- even though there was one sex scene where there is some Na-vi lovin', where the audience and I laughed hysterically -- there really wasn't anything that would pull you out of the film.  

The seemlessness of the CGI and live-action was fantastic.  I've never seen such incredible special effects.  The special effects were done so masterfully that it never crosses your mind that it all came from a computer.  One thing in the atmosphere of this film was that all of the human weaponry in the movie stayed within the James Cameron wheelhouse.  You will see some of the planes and some of the machines look familiar, because they are. Some of the same pieces have been used in films such as The Terminator, and Aliens, which was a pleasing sight to me, because it alludes that all of his Sci-fi films could potentially come from the same world.  

I felt that the fight at the end was very well choreographed.  It felt like a mixture between the battle on the Moon of Endor in ROJ and the battle at the end of The Last Starfighter. In closing, I feel that James Cameron didn't only hit the mark, he destroyed it.  I have a feeling that I will be watching this movie many times throughout the rest of my life, and I hope you all have the same experience that I did.  I really can't wait to hear what you all have to say about this movie. Please don't hesitate to let me know what you think. 


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