So what did Steven Spielberg think of AVATAR???

I love to hear filmmakers weigh in on their peers work. It's like asking Radiohead what they think of Coldplay or asking Kobe what he thinks of Lebron. Often times you'll get egg shell answers but sometimes you'll get brutal honesty or even trash talking. When the greats speak of other greats I'll always lend an ear. So after years of curiosity, then months of bad buss following a lack luster teaser, and the recent weeks of nearly all positive reviews, the film is finally out there for all to see. I recommend reading Venkman's and McMurphy's reviews, or you can wade through the thousands of tweets and talk being blasted around the internet upon today's release. But what does a man who's helped paved the way for and broken ground in FX -- not to mention the many classics and block buster hits under his own belt -- think about James Cameron's epic piece of cinema?

Well, after the Blue Carpet premiere of Avatar on the 16th, Spielberg said of Avatar:

The last time I came out of a movie feeling that way it was the first time I saw Star Wars.


Through his reps he reiterated and added that it was...

the most evocative and amazing science-fiction movie since Star Wars.

For all of those who are unsure if they want to go out and see the film, how can you still be on the fence after that ringing endorsement? Resume aside, let's keep in mind it was Spielberg who famously rallied behind the release of Paranormal Activity when the studio wanted to remake it. A little piece of trivia about Star Wars tying into Spielberg's endorsement, Spielberg knew instantly that Lucas had a hit on his hands when he screened an early cut for him saying, "That movie is going to make $100 million." This while other directors and even Lucas' own wife (who also was the film's editor) thought the Star Wars was "awful."

I love the comparisons to Star Wars. I strongly agree as it has the same monumental and game changing factors going for it. I was absolutely blown away by it last night. After the film I had the same adrenaline pumping sensation that I only get after riding a roller coaster. It was truly monumental. But Star Wars came first and it's hard to say it can be topped in certain regards. There will only be one Michael Jordan, one Beatles, one Star Wars.

What do you think of what Steven Spielberg's thoughts on AVATAR? 

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