THE HANGOVER 2 - the Sequel to take place in Thailand?

What oh what does Todd Phillips have in store for us in the follow up to his brilliant R-Rated comedy hit The Hangover? The director is currently filming Due Date, yet another road trip themed comedy with his breakout star Zach Galifianakis, but this time around he wrangled up a couple Academy Award nominated and winning actors with Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx starring as well. While the trip may be the main focus in Due Date, in The Hangover it was all about the DESTINATION!

The Hangover made the somewhat familiar faces of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis into household names -- or at least faces. But Las Vegas was just as much of a star and a vital part of the movie's charm as the actors. Where else could that type of debauchery have taken place? So just like in real estate, one of the biggest things they'll need to take in to consideration for The Hangover 2 is "location, location, location."

CHUD's sources point to Thailand as the front running backdrop to the sequel. Apparently Thailand was to serve as the location for the scrapped Old School Dos -- but from the title I would have assumed Mexico. Phillips may have some jokes and ideas in reserve that could be recycled for Hangover sequel. What Thailand lacks in comparison to the iconic features of Vegas, it makes up for in sin. With sex tourism and lady boys -- imagine hundreds of Ken Jeong's naked guy running around --and funny accents likely elements, the envelope will be theirs for the pushing. Whatever the location may be, my only concern is making it pertinent to the story and not just "vacation" time.

The script isn't final, so nothing is concrete yet. In the mean time, you can now pop in The Hangover on DVD or Blu-Ray and relive the hilarity. 

What do you think of Thailand as the possible location for THE HANGOVER 2?

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