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I was recently vacationing in Hawai'i and a friend and I decided to take a little look-see in a thrift store there... who does that right? Well, guess what we found:

So we're on our way out and we've paid for and everything and we look over to our left and in a clear display case were stacks of comic books all for $3.  So we decide to go back in and end up spending 45 minutes just going through them.  What did we find, you're asking yourself?  Beside the aforementioned War Machine comic, I also found two "V" (as in the new T.V. show about "visitors" from outer space) comics,

and a sweet looking X-Men one. 

and a Justice League America one.

Now I know these are probably worth nothing, well, maybe a couple bucks, but to me it's kind of a cool find, especially the "V" ones because I'm a fan of the show and the War Machine one because the new Iron Man 2 movie features War Machine.  I don't dare open any of the comics I have because they are wrapped in the original package and are in mint condition.... These also remind me of my childhood and bring back the warm fuzzies because my dad used to take my brothers and I to the comic book store and we used to buy marvel cards and X-Men comic books. 

I know I should enjoy them and read them, but shoot.  If they are worth something, i don't think I wanna risk ruining them.

In the end, the lady selling them said that they were half off so I got all of them for $1.50 each.  Score!

So my question is this to all you fellow geeks:  any clue what is actually featured in these comics ?  and does anybody else own some of these and what do you think about the contents?

Lola out

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