Robert Rodriguez gives SIN CITY 2 Update

Sin City 2 is one of those movies we will eventually see get made, but it doesn't look like anybody has really jumped into getting it into production yet. Everyone one seems to be taking their time with it, and are in no rush to get it done. We've heard a lot of news on the movie, but nothing beyond the fact that a script has been written.

Robert Rodriguez recently talked to a few movie blogs and gave a little update on the film that once again tells us that as of right now nothing is happening with the movie, that there is still a lot to get done before it goes into production. 

Here is what we learn from the interviews:

When asked about the timetable:

Yeah, we still talk about doing that as early as later next year. I haven't gotten to that yet.

When asked about the chances of the film actually happening Rodriguez can't say no, because he doesn't know if the answer is no.

I can't say no, because I don't know it's no. I know Frank wants to do it. I know I want to do it. It's always sort of a 'time permitting' kind of thing. But it's not like I can tell you definitely we're starting . It's not my next picture, I know that. It doesn't mean that it's not the picture right after 'cause that's still a possibility.

He goes on to say that the script for the film has been around since 2007 and when asked if he is happy with it he says:

Well, it's one Frank wrote and we have to look at it now and go, "Is this really the one?" I think it's built up so much that, like, are we really going to satisfy everybody with what we have or should we add to it? It's the thing we had always talked about doing, but now two years later we'd probably make some adjustments. Nothing that would take a long time. We could already start and in pre-production fix anything we wanted to.

So it sounds like the script is good but just a few little updates need to be made. What was written is based off of some pre-existing story lines from the comic mixed in with some original stuff just for the film, that supposedly will get the audience caught up to the character. What character? He doesn't really say.

So perhaps late next year Rodriguez will finally get started on it! I loved the first Sin City movie, and like many of you I've eagerly been waiting for the sequel. Lets hope it ends up being just as good or better than the first.

Are you looking forward to SIN CITY 2?

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