Robert Rodriguez to Remake SPY KIDS!?


I was reading a recent interview with director Robert Rodriguez and when he was asked what his next film would be, he brought up the fact that he wants to direct a new Spy Kids movie. Not another sequel to Spy Kids, he wants to reboot the franchise with new kids. Rodriguez wants to remake Spy Kids!? I think Rodriguez has made some great films in his day, but the kids films he makes are absolutely terrible. My kids don't even like them. I just think it's an odd choice, but the script is already done. Here is what he said:

I know I owe the Weinsteins another movie and I've already turned in the script for "Spy Kids"... another "Spy Kids" which is a reboot of "Spy Kids." It's different kids, not the old kids. That one's really cool. I'll probably do that in the early part of next year. March or April. And then I do have something for later in the year. I can't say what that one is.

He didn't count out Sin City 2 as being a possibility for his next film, but why is he making another Spy Kids Flick?

What I like about this "Spy Kids" is it reminds me of the first one where it's not so much just the kids. In fact it leans more towards the parents because as you become a parent you get a lot of ideas on where you can put some of these... you couldn't really put some of this stuff in an R-rated movie that you want to put in a film. So this one I really like a lot and the story in it is good. And that name is just such a popular name with kids. That's your most loyal audience. No matter how many people have seen "Desperado" and "From Disk Till Dawn," kids stop me more and their parents say how many times their kids have seen the "Spy Kids" films and how much that still goes on. So the Weinsteins wanted to do another one and I had an idea for one. I even went back and pilfered my old original first script and found some ideas that I couldn't bring to life back then. I was like, "Wow! These are good ideas." They get to finally come back up. But they aren't necessarily done for my kids. I did the first "Spy Kids" before I had kids, or wrote it. It was mainly my experience as a kid growing up in a family of ten kids and that's where a lot of that comes from."

Well as a parent I didn't connect with the film at all, and apparently my kids didn't either. I understand what he is trying to accomplish though, and what he wants to do. The thing is I think his kids films are poorly written. There is no substance to them I never cared for any of those characters. But, that's just me. I love Rodriguez as a filmmaker, but it's just hard for me to get behind his kids films especially a remake of one of his kids films.

Rodriguez then goes on to say that Spy Kids 4 will be filmed in 3D, and not the 3D that he used for the original Spy Kids, but the upgraded Polarized format, like Avatar. Wait... Spy Kid 4? So will there will be a reboot of the original Spy Kids and another sequel??

There is obviously a market out there for this which is why he is making them, people will go out and see these movies. 

What are your thoughts on the SPY KIDS reboot? Do you like his kids films?

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