STAR WARS Weather Forecasts - I'm Dreaming of a Hoth Christmas

Humor Star Wars by Eli Reyes

Do you have trouble deciphering the meaning of your local weather forecast? Are terms like barometric pressure, saturation vapor pressure and peer pressure going over your head? And what's with wind chill factor? In the words of Lewis Black, "If it's 35 degrees outside with a wind chill factor of 30 degrees. It's 30 DEGREES!!!!" 

Need some terminology that you can understand? Well, I'm dreaming of a Hoth Christmas!

Thanks to Star Wars Weather Forecast you can now know exactly how it feels outside in comparison to planets in the Star Wars Universe. Simply enter in your city and you'll get your weather forecast. It may feel be like Naboo in Los Angeles right now, but my heart longs for a snow covered landscape where I must cut open a tauntaun for warmth. If you're ever in a bad mood, go to place with Endor like weather where you can ride some speeder bikes! Try riding a speeder bike and not smile.

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