6 Images from the TOY STORY 3 Color Script

Here's a nice step back from all the intense amount of detail we've been seeing from the hi-res photos that have been released for Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 3. Above and below are panels Pixar has released from the Color Script for the latest installment of the beloved Toy Story Franchise. 

The color script for the Lee Unkrich-directed Toy Story 3 was done by Pixar art director Dice Tsutsumi, and is used to gives you(and the animators) a good look at how the color arcs in a film relate to the story. The 6 images don't look to be spoilerish as they all seem to be from flashbacks or day care scenes seen in the trailer.

It's amazing that even with all the 3D technology and immense amount of detail that we'll be seeing and expecting when the movie comes out, how many of the iconic elements of the film are so easily and immediately recognizable mainly through the color!

Enjoy, and click (most) images for large and hi-res versions.

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