New ALIENS Vs. PREDATOR Video Game Trailer


A new trailer for the highly anticipated Aliens Vs. Predator video game was unleashed today by SEGA, and it looks pretty freakin awesome! We’ve seen a few little trailers here and there, but this is definitely the best one.

I had a chance to see the demo of this game at E3 earlier this year, and it is going to be one hell of a fun game to play.

The game takes place on Weyland-Yutani, a futuristic utopia turned upside down by a conflict between the Aliens and Predators. Players can choose to tackle the storyline from three perspectives: the Marine, the Alien or the Predator. The game will also include a series of online options where players can assume the role of any of the three characters.

For those of you who are Aliens and Predator fans this is what you’ve all been waiting for! This video game is exactly what the Aliens vs. Predator movies should have been.

Weyland-Yutani: Building Better Worlds... or perhaps, better hunting grounds. Check out the violently blood soaked trailer below. 

So, what do you think? Is this something your gonna want to play?


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