New Family Guy Star Wars Spoof Made Lucas Squeamish

The sick minds that work on hit TV show Family Guy have made a new Star Wars Spoof called Family Guy: Something, Something, Something Dark Side which is essentially The Empire Strikes Back. I loved the first Family Guy Star Wars spoof and I’m looking forward to this next one.

Apparently George Lucas was very hesitant on signing off on some of the racier elements on the new Star Wars Family Guy Spoof. The director of the spoof, Dominic Polcino revealed in an interview that it took some persuasion to get Lucas to allow some of these scenes in the show.

So what’s in it that made Lucasfilm all nervous?

[Lucasfilm] were leery about some of the humor that went dark. Saying, 'F--k you, dad' and stuff like that.

In another interview with actor Mike Henry who voices Herbert and Cleveland he said:

If you're familiar with Empire, when Luke is passed out in the snow, about to die, Obi-Wan appears and tells him to go study with Yoda. Basically, in the real movie it's like, 'Luke,' and he wakes up. In this movie, it's 'Chris. Take your pants off.' Actually, I think exactly what it said was, 'Luke, pull your pants down.' So we're just going right at it.

It was also revealed that the spoof will be more faithful to the original Empire film and not the 1997 special edition which I thought was cool. Polcino even made sure that the crew never saw the redone versions, which is pretty crazy because you’d think every fan of Star Wars has seen the remade version!

I actually wanted to make sure that our crew never saw the redone versions, because I wanted to be faithful to the original original, where he does not scream. In ours, I think he doesn't scream, but he does find his hand.

Seth Green talked about how a lot of the exact dialogue from the original film made it into the spoof, and that when he delivers his lines he actually tries to sound as much like Mark Hamill as possible even with Chris’ squeaky voice.

There are some moments in this that are verbatim from the movie. So when a really specific performance is something that you remember from the movie, we try and replicate it.  

In the new DVD movie, Peter Griffin returns as Han Solo, Chris as Luke Skywalker, Lois as Princess Leia and Stewie as Darth Vader. Creator Seth MacFarlane also cast neighbor Mort Goldman as Lando Calrissian.

Regardless of what the problems were, and whatever made Lucas iffy about allowing the Family Guy crew to do their thing, apparently everything got the green light and Family Guy: Something, Something, Something Dark Side is good to go. They convinced Lucas to allow everything that he wasn’t comfortable with. That in itself is an incredible accomplishment. It’s good to know Lucas has a sense of humor. 

Check out the trailer for the New family Guy Stars Wars Spoof below in case you missed it.

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