Producer Gives Hints On Upcoming DC Films, Including JUSTICE LEAGUE


Collider recently had a sit-down with producer Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes, Terminator Salvation) who handed out a few choice quotes about DCE's (DC Entertainment's) upcoming slate of films that we think you should know.

Lin confirmed that the Justice League film was on hold right now, and confirmed what we all hoped DCE would do:

It seems like they're building to Justice League instead of going with the team movie first and doing individual movies after that.

I think this is a really smart move on the part of Warner Bros. since doing a Justice League movie first seems like a desperate attempt to out-gun Marvel's upcoming Avengers movie. Marvel has had their act together for a long time now, and we're seeing those plans pay off in big ways at the box office. With the creation of DCE, it seems the DC slate of comic book films is finally starting to make some solid plans to catch up.

Lin also revealed "they are releasing their DC plans in January," so it looks like we don't have long to wait to see what their strategy looks like.

Finally, he offered up some positive news about the film adaptation of Suicide Squad.

That's a different kind of superhero movie. For us that's a super villain movie. It's almost Dirty Dozen set in the world of supervillains. That's the only one for me that's on the front burner.

While it sounds like Lin might not be specifically involved with any immediately upcoming DC adaptations with the exception of Suicide Squad, it certainly sounds like he has a bit of insider info when it comes to the company releasing information on their game plan. Hopefully he's right and we'll be hearing it straight from the source in the new year. Stay tuned to GeekTyrant, and we'll be sure to bring you more information as it becomes available.