This Week in Comics, 12.23.2009

Comic BookRant by Alan Trehern

Greetings, Geek Tyrants, and welcome to Wednesday, also known as New Comic Book Day! This new series, This Week in Comics, is dedicated to the weekly news and happenings of the comic book world. My name is Alan Trehern and I'll be the master and commander through our journey together in this wide and exciting 2-dimensional world.

The breakdown is simple: I'll have a couple headlines, my comments and then the source of the article, so you can read further if you so desire. The main goal of these articles are to keep you familiar and up-to-date with what comics are coming out, what's next on many of the authors' and artists' plates and even a few surprises! So let's start it up...

-- Kurt Busiek (Trinity, Superman: Camelot Falls) recently sat down with to discuss how he goes about creating new comic book characters. I find it hard to create new and interesting people in comic books, cause it sometimes seems every theme, personality and superpower have already been spoken for. That's why we always see three elastic men, nineteen telepaths and about 600,000 guys made of rock. [Newsarama]

-- To continue on with authors, let's hit another famed writer, Peter Tomasi, who has been hard at work at his on-going title, Green Lantern Corps. The current event, Blackest Night, has been bringing back the dead and killing off some of our favorite characters. Sure it's easy for Geoff Johns to write about one Green Lantern; but Tomasi has the entire frickin' corps to deal with: John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Guy Garner, that pink chick, the other pink chick and don't get me started on Kilowag. All in all, Tomasi deserves the respect he's given. At The Source, the DC Universe blog, Pete lays down his thoughts on GLC #43, and why Guy seems to have swallowed the Kool-Aid Man. [OH YEEEAAH! The Source]

-- Have you heard yet that DC is creating a new alternate dimension to work in a new Superman and Batman continuity? Did you know that Alfred looks just like Sam Elliott? Wait, you don't know who Sam Elliott is?? **sigh** I suppose we all have to start somewhere. In this article, J. Michael Straczynski (Amazing Spider-Man, Silver Surfer: Requiem) is interviewed on how he's going to handle "Superman: Earth-One". Has any one else noticed him on the Geek Tyrant comments sections? I have. What up, J Mike? [Comic Book Resources]

-- Artwork, artwork, I know, I'm getting to it. I love comic art, and being an amateur comic artist myself, the task is Herculean, at best. Any Transformers fans out there? Yeah, there you are. Put your toys away and pick up Transformers: Nefarious #1, which picks up where Revenge of the Fallen left off. Megan Fox approved, art by Carlos Magno! Also, since it's the Wednesday before Christmas, here's Batman beating up some Santas (art by Peter Nguyen). Did anyone else watch the Batman: Brave and the Bold episode where he beats up Santas? Anybody? Is this on...? [CBR and The Source]

Other Articles of Interest:
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What's Good in Comics This Week: CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHO WILL WIELD THE SHIELD? # 1, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #48, BLACKEST NIGHT: JSA #1(OF 3), GREEN LANTERN #49, and JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #34.

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