Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of 2009

Movieby Joey Paur

Remember that time when X-Men Origins: Wolverine leaked, and people started downloading it for viewing? Remember the huge fuss FOX and the rest of the blogosphere made over it? Well, it was the low man on the totem pole when it came to the top 10 most pirated movies of 2009. FOX should be grateful it wasn't as high as Star Trek.

Paramount Pictures took the biggest hit of pirated movies of 2009. Star Trek came in at the top with an estimated 10,960,000 downloads. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen came in at #2 with an estimated 10,600,000 downloads. 

Paramount COO Rederick Huntsberry explained that Star Trek had become a hot commodity in piracy circles, and that Illegal file-sharing had advanced from "geek to sleek."

Here is the list of Top 10 most downloadable movies or 2009.


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