Cover Art for Kevin Smith's GREEN HORNET Comic Book originally intended for Film

I don’t know it you remember or not, but Kevin Smith actually wrote a script for a Green Hornet movie that was never picked up. We later learned that Kevin Smith's vision of Green Hornet would eventually find its way into the form of a comic book series. Now some details of the comic series have been revealed.

Smith’s unproduced screenplay has been adapted into a 10 part miniseries, that has been illustrated by Jonathan Lau. The series will be fully complete before the first issue hits the shelf, which is great to hear because we won't have to impatiently wait a long amount of unorganized time for each issue to hit the comic shops.

The story follows the original Green Hornet Britt Reid as he passes the torch to his son Britt Jr. who will continue the adventures. And it looks as if his crime fighting Kato type character is a lovely lady sporting a tight leather outfit. I assume this is Mishi Kato who is the grand daughter of Kato. You can learn more about her here.

I’m pretty excited to see what Kevin Smith’s vision is for the Green Hornet, I love the cover designs which I have for you below. I guess we’ll eventually find out if Smith’s version would have been better that Seth Rogen’s version.

And here is the cover art for the first  issue created by artists John Cassaday, J Scott Campbell, Alex Ross and Stephen Segovia… with incentive black & white & green variants to follow. Check them out and tell us what ya think!

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