New VERY IMPORTANT PIXELS - Phases of Clint Eastwood, Star Trek Captains & Martial Artists

Here's some more art in the pixel medium from Very Important Pixels. We previously brought you seven other sets of VIP's and since then they now offer the sets on T-Shirts and prints they have for sale. I've also noticed that the site has changed their logo and dropped its Pokémon-esque tag line, "Gotta Know 'Em All."

The sets feature Clint Eastwood in various classic and recent roles; Star Trek Captains in chronological order; and some of the most bad ass and not so bad ass martial artists (you can figure out who falls into what category).

Since VIP's doesn't specify the roles or people that the pixels are supposed to represent, below the pics are mine and Mazer's guesses on what characters the Eastwood's are. But there's no real need for debate on which Captains and Martial Artists are which.

Making the pixel art must be fun, I know Mazer and I had a blast creating the Cartoon Versions of our Roster. Maybe we need to do Pixel Versions too?! 

(Man With No Name, Dirty Harry, Moriss, Corvin, Kowalski)

(Archer, Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway)

(JCVD, Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, David Carradine, Jet Li, "that's right" Steven Seagal & Bruce Lee)

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