Possible IRON MAN 2 Spoiler: Plot Details regarding Black Widow

Hey Gang! I was just sent a link to a forum with some possible Iron Man 2 Spoiler information that involves Black Widow and her involvement in the story. If you've been following the comic book or know the history of Black Widow then there is nothing surprising about this little bit of information at all. In fact this is in the trailer for Iron Man 2, but it’s such a quick shot that I can see how some people would miss it.

Okay? So you’ve been warned. On with the show!














Bam! Screenshot from the trailer reveals that Black Widow is a S.H.I.E.L.D operative.

Like I said, not really any new news, she has a long history with S.H.I.E.L.D in the comics. She has taken on several different assignments for them. She eventually becomes part of the Avengers. This has been talked about a few times in interviews with Scarlett Johansson and Marvel president Kevin Feige. So I'm not surprised they threw it into the movie. So how does this all fit in with Iron Man 2?

Cth in the forum gives a great explanation:

Tony Stark refused to join the Avengers Initiative and later, refuses to give the government the Iron Man technology. So, the government decides to insert a member of the newfound SHIELD agency, Natasha Romanova AKA Black Widow, into Stark Industries as Tony's new secretary, filling in for Pepper Potts, who took Obadiah Stane's function as CEO. Natasha steals the Mark II and the Arc Reactor blueprints, which are given to Justin Hammer. He turns the Mark II into War Machine and mass produces Arc Reactors for the Tactical Assault Drones, which, unknowingly to Natasha and the others, are part of his plan to destroy Stark.

That sounds pretty good to me! Technically this means that the timeline of Iron Man 2 takes place before what happened in The Incredible Hulk movie.

Thanks to GeekTyrant reader Johnny B for the tip!

Anyone have any other explanation they would like to share?

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