Assassins Creed Origins - INITIATION Fan Film

Here's a cool little short film for the Assassins Creed fans out there. This unofficial animated short film was created by TheDuoGroup, and dives into the origin of Assassin's Creed protagonist , Altair. It focuses on the rite of passage into the Assassin Guild. If you've ever wondered why Altair was missing a finger this is a pretty good explanation. 

Here is a note from the creators of the short.

Initiation takes place before Altair has received the coveted title of "Hashshashin." Like all young men, Altair aspired to leave his mark on the world. After years of grueling training, fear and anticipation course through his veins. Anticipation, because he understands that this is the last rite of passage towards brotherhood. Fear, because he knows that though hundreds of apprentices have reached this point, few come back alive.

Check out the video below and lets us know what you think about it.

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