New SOLOMON KANE Featurette Focuses on Fighting Scenes

We got another behind the scenes look at the upcoming epic fantasy adventure film Solomon Kane, which still has yet to get itself a solid release date. There is a pretty cool little featurette that was released recently that puts a focus on the fighting scenes of the film. There is a really cool looking scene near the end of it that shows some footage of a flaming sword which looks pretty damn cool. 

The film, which was directed by Michael J. Bassett, was adapted from the classic pulp stories by Robert E. Howard creator of Conan the Barbarian.

Solomon Kane (James Purefoy) is a 16th Century soldier who learns that his brutal and cruel actions have damned him. Determined to redeem himself, Kane swears to live a life of peace and goodness but is forced to fight once more when a dark power threatens the land.

Just click on the little "Fighting Scenes" window in the player below and watch it.

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