This Week in Comics, 12.30.2009


Welcome to the last days of 2009, Geek Tyrants! And if I've said that weeks in comics have been slow, they pale in comparison to the malaise that this week managed to achieve. It seems only one comic was released this week, but here at Geek and This Week in Comics, we offer alot more up-to-date news and surprises to keep you satisfied into the new year. Onward!!! -- You're probably telling yourself, "Oh no, Trehern, production of Spider-Man 4 is indefinitely halted! What am I ever going to do!?" First of all, quit your blubbering. Second, hit up the source material. I was genuinely engaged in Amazing Spider-Man in the months following One More Day. The reboot was "amazing"-ly presented (I've been laughing at that for hours), and the article from Comic Book Resources delves into the world of Peter Parker in 2010. Now you can stop stalking Sam Raimi's blue-steel Ford Probe. [CBR]

Another article at CBR ranks, according to readers' votes, the Top 100 Comic Storylines of, what I assume to be, ALL TIME. I agree with a few of their Top 10 picks, while Frank Miller dominates the Top 5. Although I was a bit disappointed that some FABLES storylines were left up in the '80s. I strongly suggest you check out trade volumes 1-12, or at least "Homelands", and vote those stories into the Top 20 next year. Rose Red is effing hot. Nuff said. [CBR]

Regardless of the mess that was Final Crisis, Grant Morrison is one of the most well-respected and wanted writers in the comics industry today. So if you're down with his take on Batman and Robin (I need to get back into it), you'll definitely be down with this article. Oh, and for all those new to the comic book world, Richard "Dick" Grayson is the new Batman and Damian Wayne, an illegitimate son of Bruce Wayne, is the new Robin. Tim Drake, the previous Robin, is now Red Robin and has his own outstanding monthly series. And yes, I get paid by the endorsement. [CBR]

Love free stuff? Love free comics? FREE COMICS?!?! I'm going to go get a fresh pair of pants while you check out Origins of SIEGE #1, available now on-line from []

And finally, we arrive at the only important thing to happen in 2009. Well, except for maybe Legion of 3 Worlds... And Flash:Rebirth... Wait, Geoff Johns wrote all of those? Then why isn't he TIME magazine's Man of the Year. Is TIME still even a magazine? In any case, after locking Johns in a closet with severe head injuries, managed an interview out of him. And if you stumble into that hole in the wall comic shop this week, please for the love of Father Time, pick up Blackest Night'll thank me later. [Newsarama]


Happy New Year, everybody, and keep coming back to for news on everything!! Got any comic news stories you want me to touch on, or a series you want me to check out before you buy? Let me know in the comments section. Until then, tune in next week for another installment of This Week in Comics, your favorite, all-time, most bad-ass place to get comic book news.

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