Check Out The BLACK DEVIL DOLL Soundboard Just In Time For New Years!

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                                                 This is my last post of 2009! Enjoy!

The Black Devil Doll is slowly making it's way to dvd and blu-ray in 2010 and producer Shawn Lewis is giving us a special New Years treat by letting us play with The Black Devil Doll Soundboard (which is awesome i might add). Lewis adds;

"The Black Devil Doll SOUNDBOARD is LIVE! We encourage our fans to use the board for Prank Calls! Have fun with it and email us your calls. If they are recorded in good quality and they are funny, we will post them on official sites, and we will also use them on future DVD and Blu-ray releases of Black Devil Doll."

So with that being said i have already played with it and it should come in really useful later tonight while yall prank call your granny and the neighbor you hate down the street! Have fun kids! I wanna wish all of our readers, fans, friends, family, my one stalker and my GeekTyrant brothers and sisters a Happy New Year! Be safe! I'm blowing it out!

                                                      The Black Devil Doll Soundboard

Source: Uncle Creepy

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