Give Duncan Jones' MOON The Oscar Nominations it Deserves

As you know the sci-fi film, Moon is on my top ten list of best films of 2009. This movie is absolutely wonderful, and it deserves some attention and some award nominations! Word is spreading on the internet about how Sony Pictures Classics isn’t giving the movie the love that it deserves.

Apparently Sony Pictures Classics didn’t send out any screeners to the Academy voters. This sucks because now all of these people who are voting for the awards wont get to see or be reminded of how amazing Moon actually is! Sam Rockwell should not be overlooked, this guy gave one of the best performances of the year. George Clooney will be nominated for Up in the Air, now he was good, but no where near as good as Sam Rockwell was in Moon. He's amazing in this film and gave the best performance of his career.

Personally I’d also like to see the film nominated for Best Picture, and Duncan Jones for Best Director who did an incredible job on this film with such a small budget.

If you’re a Academy voter or know someone who is and they haven’t seen moon, contact the director of the film Duncan Jones through his WEBSITE, or TWITTER and request one. This movie needs to get the recognition it deserves!

Heres a clip of Duncan Jones talking about Rockwell's amazing performance.

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