My Top 15 Favorite Movies of The Decade

MovieRantby Joey Paur

How does one come up with a best movie of the decade list!? There are so many movies that have come out over the last 10 years, to break it down into a short list just seems ridiculous. But it’s something I challenged myself to do. Some people will agree with my list, some people will disagree with my list. All I know is that I thought about this long and hard and waited until the last minute to finalize my list for my top 15 favorite films of the decade.

Here's how I made my choices:


  • I tried to pick a film out of each movie genre.
  • I decided I wouldn’t go back and look at all the films that have been made over the last ten years. I figured if I remembered the movie, then it was worth remembering, if I didn’t remember the film then that’s too bad.
  • I finalized my list by looking at the movies that I’ve watched several times throughout the years that I never grew tired of.


These are films that I continue to enjoy. I can pop them in my DVD or Blu-Ray player knowing that this is a great film and that I’m going to enjoy it. These films need no other explanation other than I love the hell out of them, they inspire me, and I think they will stand the test of time. 


  1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - 2001, 2002, 2003
  2. Zodiac - 2007
  3. The Dark Knight - 2008
  4. There Will Be Blood - 2007
  5. Pans Labyrinth - 2006
  6. The Departed - 2006
  7. Spider-Man 2 - 2004
  8. Ratatouille - 2007
  9. Tropic Thunder - 2008
  10. Cinderella Man - 2005
  11. O Brother, Where Art Thou - 2000
  12. Almost Famous - 2000
  13. Star Trek - 2009
  14. (500) Days of Summer - 2009
  15. Session 9 - 2001


Love ‘em or hate ‘em this is it. This is my favorite movies of the decade list.

What movies would you add to it?

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