VGP FX & Design Studio Press Release + Exclusive Freddy Krueger Pic

Vincent Guastini Productions has released exclusive photos from various projects it has just worked on this past year. Here are shots from the recent film release of 'The Beacon' the make-ups you are seeing here, represent what Michael Ironside  and others may or may not, look like in the afterlife.

"I cannot give away to many details even thou the film is having a limited theatrical release in the USA. I promise to at some point reveal all the work we have done for the film - till then, this is as much as I can release."

Kim-FIXed-VGP (12)Kim-FIXed-VGP (8)

Kim-FIXed-VGP (6)Kim-FIXed-VGP (11)

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Also pictured are stills of a collapsing body from the Dec. 4th, nationwide release of ,'Transylmania'.

"We did a number of gags for the film that was actually filmed in a thousand year old castle in Transylvania- where Vlad himself, was imprisoned for 5 years."

tran5 - Copy

Also for exclusive release, here is Vincent Guastini's idea of a "new" Freddy Krueger:

"We had an inside contact  over at Michael Bays company. We worked for the new director Samuel Bayer once prior, on a Ridley Scott spot. So we thought we would take a chance, and show our take what we thought the new Freddy should look like. This design may never see the light of day so I wanted to at least be able to share it with the fans. I saw the new Freddy and thought it was very cool, but feel if given the chance we could of done something just as great."


Vincent's company also just wrapped on the T.V. side of things, the 2nd season of 'Lost Tapes' for Animal Planet. The series is shot in a documentary style depicting fictional, traumatic scenarios in which  creatures of folklore attack people. A recurring situation in the show is that the characters are usually left alone or are in a small group, in a remote area of the world. only to film there last moments via hand held video camera as there attacked by various legendary monsters.

Kim-FIXed-VGP (4)Kim-FIXed-VGP (5)

Kim-FIXed-VGP (10)Kim-FIXed-VGP (21)

Vincent says this show was a real challenge considering it has a reputation for being considered "real" footage. Under very tight time constraints of often only a couple of days, we had much "movie quality" effects to create; including multiple full body creature suits, one of which was used in the series most popular, highest viewed episode, 'Vampire' directed by Dave ('Hills Run Red') Parker.  The effects for the show include:  A female werewolf, Animatronics alien bug which impregnate and burst out of a cocooned female astronaut, the Jersey Devil, complete with mechanical legs & wings, as well as elaborate  prosthetic characters, monsters, and aliens- all that along with your run of the mill gore and body parts.

Kim-FIXed-VGP (16)

Vincent also completed NETFLIX’s horror release, “SPLATTER”. Which had its debut just in time for Halloween.

Produced by Legendary film maker, Roger Cormen and directed by film history Icon, Joe Dante. This is the 2nd collaboration for Vincent Guastini and Director, Joe Dante.

Kim-FIXed-VGP (3)

V.G.P. had the challenge of blowing acting star, Cory Feldman’s brains out and bringing him back from the dead. Including doing all the various victims that Cory’s character, Johnny Splatter kills in his ‘back from the dead’ revenge.

CORY CORECT 3 - Copy - Copycory design

The effects list included Cory’s prosthetic make-up which took roughly 3 hours, having 2 stages of decay and evil possession. Various body parts, a ripped out beating heart, bleeding ears, elaborate death by electrocution ‘Scanners style’.

“This was a fun show to work on. The effects were defiantly a throwback to the 80’s, and to be working with 3 horror icons from that time period was just awesome! I mean, you basically have walking film history, with Joe Dante directing and Roger Corman producing.”


“Working with Joe Dante once again was a complete honor and the 8o’s superstar, Cory Feldman was a blast. I mean, what more could an effects creator ask for?”

Vincent beams.

eye burst 1b - Copyeye burst 2a

Vincent also just wrapped some effects for director Steven Miller's, 'Screaming Banshee' aka 'Scream of the Banshee' as we reported earlier. Staring Lauren Holly (Star of 'Dumb and Dumber')  and Lance Henriksen (of 'Aliens' fame).

"We just got a nod on some other Miller projects, but can't say at this point what they are.  Were also set to do Robert Masciantonio's next film- whose recent film, 'Neighbor' has critics and audiences screaming in bloody, shocking, delight."

Vincent is gearing up for his next  film 'Haunted' saying,

"We intend on doing for ghosts, what we did for gore in the 'Neighbor'- that is, to set a new standard of never before seen effects."

Some of VGP’s previous credits are: “Letters from Iwo Jima”, "Flags Of Our Father",“Last of the Mohicans”, “Dogma”, “Requiem For a Dream” Scary Movie 4, Etc.

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