Stan Lee Confirms his Cameo in Marvel's THOR

stan lee

Over the weekend Stan Lee confirmed through his twitter account that he will indeed have a cameo role in the upcoming Marvel film Thor. Here are several fun tweets from the comic book legend who is very excited for the movie:

Hey, I got an email from the multu-talented director of Thor, Kenneth Branagh. Not enough space left to tell what he said-- stay tuned--

Kenneth Branagh (of course I call him "Ken!") said my cameo's set for the upcoming Thor movie. --To him, it's a cameo, to me-- it's a ROLE!

I went easy on Ken Branagh when we discussed my role in Thor. Told him I wouldn't insist on my name above the title, I think he was grateful

Yeah, I mentioned Ken Banagh a few times, but I warned you I was a name driopper. Seriously tho', with him directing, Thor's a sure winner

Of course, my previous tweet revealed the extent of my innate modesty. I really wanted to add "With me doing a cameo, Thor's a sure winner"

Can't tweet anymore. Due to Thor, I must start rehearsing my thee's and thou's. So, if thou objecteth not, I wish thee well! 'Nuff saideth

I really hope they deck him out in full on Asgardian attire in the film, that would be pretty hilarious, an old time Asgard warrior.

What do you think his cameo should be?

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