GEEKTYRANT WEEKLY PODCAST # 55: Brotherly Brothers

Podcastby Free Reyes

It's a fact: The GeekTyrant Weekly Podcast will make you jump higher, run faster and appear more attractive to the opposite sex. It is also a fact that those claims are little exaggerated... The truth is, this show isn't the steroids to the baseball player or the spinach to the Popeye. It's more like the Flinstone Vitamin to the geeky child in you. So just imagine slightly tart, chalky multi colored vitamins in the shape of Venkman, Abe Froman, Mazer and Ben P... a million strong and growing.

Listen(which is easier because Ben did a bang up job making everyone sound nice and loud) as we weigh in on the top movies of the week, give an in depth review of Brothers, and as we beg the questions: Comics to screen with nothing in between? To CG or not to CG? And to McG or not to McG???

Here's a breakdown of the topics we discuss and when we discuss them:

Movie Reviews:

1:28 - Box-Office Numbers : Blind Side edges out New Moon for # 1
7:23 - Brothers

Geek/Movie News:

21:05 - McG still thinks he's Directing more Terminator Films
29:23 - Nemesis: Mark Millar asks the Question, "What if Batman was the Joker?"

36:34 - The Nutcracker + Explosions - Ballet = what?
39:26 - Comic/Book to Screen and Nothing in Between

Upcoming Movies:

42:11 - Clint Eastwood's Invictus
43:25 - Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones : To CG or not CG?
46:08 - Broken Lizard's The Slammin Salmon

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