THE WOLFMAN to be rated R!

The Wolfman

Wow! I honestly didn't see this one coming! I honestly thought The Wolfman was going to be PG-13-ified. Universal has announced that Joe Johnston's Wolfman film will in fact be rated R. The R is for 'Bloody horror, violence and gore.' That means Johnston's Wolfman movie is not going to pull any punches and they went all out bringing us an awesome Wolfman horror film. I gotta say I am extremely excited for it.

What this means is after all of the reshoots, delays and reedits this film has gone through, it will come out February 12th 2010 as expected, and Universal Pictures has a final cut of the film that is going to be released in theaters. I have a feeling that it is going to be worth the wait.

What do you think of The Wolfman getting an R rating?

Source: CHUD

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