James Cameron Finally watched TERMINATOR SALVATION and Here's What He Thought


James Cameron finally watched Terminator Salvation, and today is the day we finally find out what he thought of it! As you know the director of the film, McG, spread tales and lies of receiving Cameron's blessing on the film, going as far as to make a fake phone call to him at Comic-con two years ago. We know that Cameron never gave his blessing and McG never even sent him a script. So now that Cameron has seen the movie what did he think?

I have seen it, and unfortunately I saw it the wrong way, on cable at the hotel, while I was working, over three nights because I don’t have much time. It’s better than I thought it was going to be.

So apparently he had incredibly low expectations, thinking there was no way in hell McG was going to be able to pull it off. Cameron went on to give McG some points for effort, but also says that the movie was missing some important elements.

It's actually quite reverential to the mythos of the 'Terminator' world. I think McG and the writers tried hard to keep reacquainting you with some of those ideas in the story that they were weaving. So actually I thought it was pretty cool. I did feel that it sort of lacked Je ne sais quoi. Although I love Sam [Worthington] in it.

Well of course he liked Worthington in it! He cast him in Avatar didn't he!? As far as getting the rights back to Terminator now that they are available:

No, 'Terminator' is way in my rear-view at this point, kind of made my emotional break with it, back when I was finishing 'Titanic,' believe it or not. A very similar conversation cropped up at that time because the rights were in play at that point.... I was thinking about [a third 'Terminator' film] but I had decided emotionally to be done with it, and it just feels like last millennium stuff for me, at this point. Now it's been a TV show, and two films since, and trying to go back and reshape it like that stuff didn’t exist doesn’t make sense.

I personally don't think he wanted to bash Terminator Salvation into a million pieces because his buddy Sam Worthington was in it. Which is cool. He was being a kind as he possibly could with a couple little jabs to the ribs.

Source: MTV

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