LOST Producers talk about the show and how its like an AP class

by Joey Paur


LOST is always an interesting topic to tackle and one that needs to be talked about with a group of people so everyone can discuss their theories about what in the hell is going on. The show is best known for answering a question with another question which can be frustrating for viewers. Maybe that is why LOST is loosing its audience. The show is pretty frustrating but I have been on board from the beginning. Why do I continue to watch the show? Because it's bloody fascinating, and its a pretty damn smart show. I like that you never know what is going to happen next, that's what makes it fun. It is also fun to talk about with other Lost fans. I like how the creative team on the show are thinking outside of the box, they are trying new things, and NOT playing it safe. As you know this season has focused on time travel, not an easy subject to tackle neither is Quantum physics, and Hydrogen bomb technology. Maybe the show is just going over peoples heads and its just not fun for them anymore. Next year is the last season of LOST and I am sure it is going to go out with a bang. Whoever can hold out until then like myself will probably be in for a real treat. One of our readers Odin sent us an interesting article from CNN that talks about the show where its been and where it is going. The producers of the show say:

"The fear is that 'Lost' just became an AP class, and really, what's one's incentive for taking an AP class?" says exec producer Damon Lindelof. "But the show has gotten to that point where it had to let its freak flag fly. It needed to announce, 'You wanna know what the Island is? You wanna know why these people were brought to the Island? You wanna know what their purpose for being there is? Well, it might be a little weirder than you would've hoped.' "

I don't think any of us expected what we are getting. When the island just disappeared at the end of last season my head exploded and I had no idea where it would take us. Even the actors of the show where kind of worried about where producers were taking the show.

"I was a little worried about the start of the season, to be honest," says Lilly, battling back a cold and enjoying some late-afternoon Hawaii sun in between takes. "It might sound terrible to say, but the mythology of this show eludes me. I am all about the characters and the interplay of the relationships and the angst of redemption and retribution -- all those good nuggets."

What she's saying is that if she wasn't in the show she probably would be watching it.

"I'm mixed about it, to be honest," says Daniel Dae Kim, whose presumed-dead Jin was discovered alive and well on a recent episode. "One of the things that attracted me initially to this show was how universal the themes were and how different the kinds of stories it could tell. Now, I feel with the sci-fi we're becoming definable in a way that maybe we weren't in the first season. At the same time, I like how the writers are showing allegiance to the true fans. The people who stayed with us are being rewarded with the more complicated and nuanced storytelling that they've been hungering for."


Matthew Fox has another, more optimistic take. "It feels very different from what 'Lost' has felt like in the past, but in a really good way," says the actor. "There will be many, many answers, lots of things from past seasons that left the audience thinking, 'That's never going to pay off' -- but it does, in really cool ways that make you go 'Holy s---!' "

I am happy to hear that all these questions we have in the back of our minds will be answered and at the same time blow us away. Lindolf goes on to say:

"This season, it's like the audience is finally opening up a present that was actually bought and wrapped years ago, At least, we hope they think it's a present."

I guess it could be described as unwrapping a present but how many layers of wrapping paper did they wrap it in, because we still don't know what in the hell we got yet! Lindelof and Cuse are hoping that the 11 million people that are still watching the show stay enthusiastic.

"We feel like the audience will be really clamoring to get back to the Island after these first seven episodes, And they'll get a big massive dose of it for pretty much the remainder of the season."

Sounds good to me! I'm looking forward to see what the dish out next. I just really hope to hell they do answer all out questions before the show ends because I'll be pissed if they don't.

If you want to read the full article CLICK HERE.

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