Michael Bay gets a little nuts talking about TRANSFORMERS 2

by Joey Paur

Michael Bay gives his longest interview so far on his new Transformers 2 movie. He is obviously was in a really good mood and having a fun time, because he starts throwing some punches and laughs a lot. The guy is a total geek but aren't we all. He goes on to wildly talk about a few different things including:

  • How he got to film at the Egyptian pyramids,

  • He reveals that they have shot 3 scenes of the film in complete and utter IMAX,

  • The robots having more personality,

  • The film going darker and more epic,

  • How the film is currently clocked at 2 hours and 20 minutes so far,

  • That he would do a third movie after he takes a year off to relax a little.

Check out this fun video interview below from collider.com which Michael Bay owns now.

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