John Malkovich Vs. Josh Brolin in JONAH HEX

by Joey Paur

I love that John Malkovich has been cast in the Warner Bros adaptation of the DC comic book 'Jonah Hex'. When you can get this guy on board you know you have a decent project shaping up. The guy is just an incredible actor and it should be really fun to see him play the character they have cast him to play. Malkovich will play a wealthy Southern plantation owner by the name of Quentin Turnbull, who's son is killed by Union soldiers during the Cilvil War. The character blames Jonah Hex for his sons death and obviously wants hex dead. Hex who will be played by Josh Brolin is a soldier turned hardened bounty hunter and gunslinger.

The film is being directed by Jimmy Hayward who helmed 'Horton Hears a Who' and the script was written by Mark Neveldine and Brain Taylor who wrote and directed 'Crank' and 'Crank 2'. They were once attached to direct Jonah Hex but things didn't work out due to creative differences which is kind of weird because they did write the script.

I am a huge fan of westerns and I am really looking forward to see how Jonah Hex shapes up. They seem to be on top of things so far.

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