Nightmare on Elm Street Remake gets a Director

by Joey Paur

Personally I'm sick and tired of these classic horror movies being remade into modern day crap fests that are supposed to be more hardcore than the original. fact of the matter is if your fans of the originals, these new versions will never live up to your expectations. As you know by now the remake of 'Friday the 13th' which is being produced by Michael Bay hits theaters this weekend. I'm not to excited to see it but my interest seems to always get the better of me.

Well Michael Bay is at it again. We reported awhile back that he and his Platinum Dunes production company has planned to remake the Wes Craven horror classic 'Nightmare on Elm Street'. Now we have news of who they plan on bringing in to direct the remake.

His name is Samuel Bayer and this will be his first feature film. Bayer is best known for his work in commercials and music Videos. He has won best director at the MTV VMAs and is behind some of the classic 90's music videos such as Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and Blind Melons 'No Rain'. So I guess we can prep ourselves for a music video type movie.

Some directors have come out of the music video world and have made a great transition into film like David Fincher, others have just come in the film world and made some pretty annoying movies like Demian Lichtenstein's '1000 Miles to Graceland' or Joseph Kahn's 'Torque'. I guess we will find out what kind of film director Samuel Bayer will make soon enough.

According to riskybusinessblog insiders say the remake will deal directly with the first Elm Street film and focus on the origin of Freddy Krueger and how he starts haunting, attacking, and killing teenagers in their dreams.

Remember the opening sequence of the original 'Nightmare on Elm Street', and that feeling you got when you first saw it and it brought you into this insane dark nightmare? How can you top that?

Here is some of Samuel Bayers music video work to give you an idea of his style.

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