More Watchmen Pics Anyone?

by Joey Paur

Dr Manhatten at a press conference

Because I couldn't be more excited to go out and see Watchmen, when ever I find something new on I post it because the movie just looks so damn good. I have seen so many Watchmen photos to hit the net its hard to keep track of what we have seen and what we haven't seen. The Pictures I have posted today are some that I have not come across yet. Check em' out below and enjoy! You have less than a month to go!

Here we have Silk Spectre with one cop looking at her ass and one trying to get a glimpse at her cleavage.

Carla Gugino as Silk Spectre

Here is Ozmandias who is surrounded by a bunch of uptight business government types. Looks like they all need to lighten up a bit.


Rorschach getting some grub in prison.

Rorschach in prison

And here is Zack Snyder giving direction to Richard Nixon.

Zack Snyder and President Nixon

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