Play the 8-Bit Wachmen Video Game!

by Joey Paur

Check This Out: Awesome Watchmen 8-Bit Arcade Game

Are you board? Do you have some extra time to kill? Do you love Watchmen and just can't wait for the movie to come out? Then you have got to play this game! It is a an 8-bit Minutemen video game where you can either play Silk Spectra or Nite Owl. The game is built much like the NES version of Double Dragon where you just walk in a strait line punching and kicking bad guys to death.The game is based on the 1940's costumed Heroes the Minutemen. They were the one out saving the world before the Watchmen started kicking ass. It is really quite entertaining so I suggest you check it out and punch the living crap out of the thugs.

Click the pic below to start you adventure.

Watchmen 8-Bit Arcade Game

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