Review: FRIDAY THE 13th was turd

by Joey Paur

I knew what I was getting myself into when I went to see this movie. I went in with a bad attitude, knowing that the movie was just going to be terrible, so I wasn't surprised when the movie actually ended up being a big fat turd. This version of 'Friday the 13th' falls below the standard of a typical of a slasher movie. The original 'Friday the 13th' is a bloody classic and obviously Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes production company thought they could improve it, and I'm pretty sure they could have if they would have got a decent writer and director on board. But, as cheesy and as bad the original film was this remake is so much worse.

At least the original film had some personality and originality going for it. It was one of those films that set the standard for the slasher movie genre. This remake is a disgrace to the 'Friday The 13th' franchise. Hell! ‘Jason X: Friday the 13th Part 10' was a better movie, and that's just sad.

There is no continuity in this film at all, Jason was all over the place! He must have had teleportation powers or something! Maybe there was more than one Jason. He was in so many places at once it was incredible. It would make sense if this were a sequel to Part 10 and while Jason was in space, clones were made of him. The clones managed to find their way back from deep space to Crystal Lake in the process passing through a black hole sending the clones back in time.

As far as all of the slashing goes in the movie they could have at least come up with some original and different ways to kill people! Hey didn't even get inventive. It was strait forward machete hacking, Jason did throw an axe at one point. At least they could have made that aspect of the movie interesting.

Then there is the point in the film where Jason puts the hockey mask on for the first time. This was supposed to be an iconic moment. It's a pretty big deal right? The famous hockey mask, how did he get it and where did it come from? My reaction to this moment was, "That's it?, That's all? Really!?" The moment was so uninteresting and boring, and it all went down in a place where Jason had no business being in the first place, there was no point!

So while I am complaining the acting, dialogue, and script were incredibly awful as well. But what did you expect?

As you can tell I thought the movie blew chucks, and judging from the reaction of the audience they didn't like it either. There were a lot of complaints from people, mostly about how the so called creative people took a solid franchise and genre and screwed it up. If you have not seen the original then there is a slightly better chance you will find it entertaining, but for those of you who are have seen the original and are fans then this Friday the 13th remake will not live up to your expectations.

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