Short Film: Half Life - Escape From City 17

by Joey Paur

I love finding cool little films online that are made by fanboys and people tying to do something to help get them a start in the film industry. It takes dedicated people to do this type of thing. These guys go out there and do it instead of sitting around dreaming about it. Sure they don't do it full time and they don't make money at it yet, but this is the first step to take them in the direction of success. I respect these creative people. The majority of people that want to do this kind of thing for a living don't even try. And this short film called 'Escape from City 17 is pretty freakin awesome. /Film fills us in on what it took to get this movie off the ground.

Inspired by the Half-Life 2, David and Ian Purchase created a short film titled Escape from City 17, which chronicles the escape from City 17 by some members of the citizens resistance. The commercial directing duo filmed guerrilla style with no money, no time, no crew, and no script. When they weren’t shooting they were hiding from security patrols in between takes. The spec project ballooned into a multipart series, and the first two episodes were made from beginning to end on a budget of only $500. The short was sent to Valve, who in result flew The Purchase Brothers out to their Seattle headquarters last year. The second episode is nearing completion.

Watch the short film in High Definition on YouTube

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