Transformers 2 Trailer Reveals THE FALLEN Here are a bunch of Screen Shots

by Joey Paur

Hey folks, Venkman here with a bunch of screen shots from the new 'Transformers Revenge of the Fallen' teaser trailer. There is so much detail and little things going on in the trailer that perhaps you may have missed something, and it wasn't until I started taking screen shot to share with you that I discovered that The Fallen actually makes his appearance. The first four photos is of his little debut.

I flash of light with some lightning.

Followed by a fiery hellish shape.

As the fire burns off we see a robot underneath.

The Fallen.

Here is a little image that reveals the Autobot Motorcycle models. One of them looks like Arcee.

Based on this design:

Gotta Love Bumblebee.

The robot that you see the arm and thigh of is Jetfire.


Prime getting his ass kicked.

As we have said before this is just one of the robots that will make up the giant Devastator.

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