Video Game Review: KILLZONE 2 (PS3)

'Killzone 2' is a game I have been looking forward to playing for some time now. The time is drawing near to where I will actually be able to play it! There are some lucky souls in the world that have had the privilege to play before it actually comes out. Our friend at GregHorrorShow is one of the lucky few, and he has written up a great review of the game that I thought would be cool to share with you. Well, Parts of it anyway. Here is what he has to say regarding 'Killzone 2':

Yes this is the best looking game I've seen - the way the light falls and the smoke effects following explosions are fantastic. The whole game looks amazing and in particular the deaths of the Helghast stick long in the mind with their brilliant motion capture stumbles, slumping to the floor as their legs give way. There are quite a few different animations as well so it doesn't get too repetitive.

The score is superb, wratcheting up the tension as you try and blast your way through another fire fight.

One of the things that got me was the cries of your fallen comrades. You can revive teammates when they fall with a tap of circle next to them. It helps with the feeling of panic as you're penned in by enemy fire and across from you your buddy is on the floor crying ‘help me! Medic! Please! Help me!' As well as that the Helghast themselves had some brilliant death groans - and some particularily gruesome screams if you set them on fire.

This is easily the most advanced AI I've encountered. From the simple (scattering out of the way when a grenade is thrown at them rather than just sitting there waiting for it to go off as usual) to the difficult (flanking you, flushing you out) it's all done so well that it leads to some genuinely tense fireplay. You'll need to keep them penned in with cover fire otherwise these guys will actually come and find you - and kill you probably.

The Helghast are not sitting ducks whatsoever. You feel like you earn each kill and the sense of achievement is excellent after a tight skrimish in enclosed conditions.

In one particularily frantic battle I ducked into an alcove on the verge of death and a second later a Helghan backed into the entrance. I let off a round into the back of his head and it wasn't until he fell that I saw he was ISA not Helghast. It sounds ridiculous but I actually felt my stomach go over a little when I realised what I'd done. That's how much this game sucks you in.

I don't know about you, but this games sounds great! There are other little details that he throws into his review, other things that he felt made the game entertaining. He goes on to talk about the different campaign modes, and points out some of the games faults. You should definitely read his review to get the full impact of what he thinks of the game. I'm sold.