Geek film descibed as “Ocean’s Eleven Set At Comic-Con” is being written

by Joey Paur

The guy writing the script is uber actor/writer Breckin Meyer and the movie will be called 'Superguys'. Meyer most recently star as a comic book store guy with his buddy Seth Green in Heroes, he also currently writes for Adults Swim's Robot Chicken. This is the kind of movie that we can't help but get excited about because we are all geeks. The story is by Harry Elfont & Deb Kaplan, the guys that brought us the 90's classic 'Can't Hardly Wait', which Meyer also played a small role in. The concept of the film is described as "Ocean's 11 with idiots set at Comic-Con".

This will be the first movie written by Meyer, most people might right him off, but I am a big fan of Robot Chicken and I love what they have been doing on the show, if they can keep the humor up and the story good it could end up being a fun little movie. I assume this is a project Seth Green will jump onto at some point. This is the second movie so far that I have heard of that will be based at comic-con, the other film is Simon Pegg's and Nick Frost's 'Paul' film.

Source: Production Weekly

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