Six Collectible Watchmen "Here Comes Trouble" Magazine covers

by Joey Paur

Hey Folks! Even though I have seen the movie I am still pretty pumped up about Watchmen, I am really looking forward to watching it in IMAX! Entertainment Weekly is putting out six collectible 'Watchman' Magazine covers this Friday. we have all seen these poses before but there is also a pretty good 'Watchmen' cover story inside that you can read right now by clicking RIGHT HERE. The article goes through and kind of breaks down 'Watchmen' and who is ready to watch it. Along with the photos are quotes from the article.

If you want to read my review click here.

''The movie, like the comic, says, 'These superhero stories you've been feasting on? What if we took them seriously? What if we thought through the consequences? Where do they get us?' That's the fun.'' - Zack Snyder

''It felt different and left-of-center from anything else out there, and we felt that in the hands of a director with a strong vision, it could be provocative in a way that could appeal to a broad audience.'' - Jeff Robinov

''My first reaction was 'This can't be done. It probably shouldn't be done, But then I said, 'If you really are going to do this, here's how I think you should do it...''' - Zack Snyder

''There were days where it was just so graphic. Hours later, I'd be lying in bed, getting little flashes of what I had to do, and just go, 'Whoa.''' - Jackie Earl Haley

''The movie is impactful, tough, and true to the book that we all loved, and I'm very proud of it,'' - Jeff Robinov

''I don't think there ever has been a movie more custom-made for them. Not at this scale, and now they have an opportunity to really influence pop culture in a serious way, just as the comic influenced comics. They can say: 'These stories can be used to say something about the world. Give us more of them.''' - Zack Snyder