Spoiler: What in the hell did they do to Deadpool! Nooooooo!

by Joey Paur

There he is! There's freakin Deadpool! I knew that was him in the trailer! What in the hell did they turn him into!?

Everything I heard about what they did to Deadpool in the new 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' movie is true! Ugg. I know it's just an action figure, but that is what he is going to look like. I was hoping everything I heard was wrong, but nope. I've been saying all along. this reinvention of a classic Marvel character that needed no reinvention. No wonder Marvel is pissed. And so are the fans! here is some of what is being said over at deadpoolbugle:

  • whats wrong with his mouth ????

  • his mouth looks as if its been stitched up.
    to stop him talking perhaps?

  • Whats up with the red painting? is that suppose to be scarring???? seriously i was excited hoping for alot of deadpool figures, but this is the suck. All this is not making me excited for the movie.... grrr

  • The Merc with a Mouth... with no mouth!still don't like the hand blades, but lets see the movie and cry later

  • deadpool is ruined! haha , i dont get it. I find him so much more appealing with normal katanas, i dont understand the logic in giving him crappy sword hands :S it just makes fans pissed! Like hugh jackman stated when they took these "creative licenses"! well congratulations, I'm one of these many pissed fans =)

  • well lets all say goodbye to a solo movie, cause how could they possibly push this sort of look and character to be the star of his own movie, uh-uh i dont think so....no spin off here and im sure thats the plan.

  • Glad you got my pics... but damn if they dont piss me off, its DEADPOOL not baraka from mortal Kombat (cause that is all I see. :(

So what do you all think about the new Deadpool look?

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