Neal McDonough wants to play CAPTAIN AMERICA

by Joey Paur

Before I go on you all know who Neal McDonough is? Right? He plays M. Bison in the upcoming film 'Street Fighter' movie which I am so not looking forward too. Why he took the role? I don't know because I think he is better than that. Hopefully it was a rewarding experience for him. He has also stared in films and TV shows as 'Minority Report', 'Band of Brothers', and 'Flags of Our Fathers'. The guy is a pretty solid actor. So what's this about him playing Captain America?

Alex Billington from Firstshowing recently did a interview with McDonough and they were discussing what type of characters he would want to play next:

"I think it's time for me to go back to playing some of the really good guys who can get the job done, like Captain America, maybe. It would be fun."

Alex then asks if that's a hint to something. McDonough replies:

"Oh, who knows, their gonna make it now... I like Captain America, if they make Captain America when he's later on in the years, that's an interesting idea for me... weather it's Captain America or some other character, that's who I would really like to play... you put Lee Marvin and Captain America together you got me."

I wouldn't go as far to say he is hinting that he is going to play the character, what he did here was use the internet as a tool to get the word out that he wants to play Captain America. In hope the fire will spread online and eventually get back to Marvel, with a response from the fanboys. And that is exactly whats going to happen.

As for him playing the ultimate American hero, I think he could fit the part. The Movie Marvel is doing takes place in WWII and I don't think he is young enough to play the role though. Steve Rogers is 23 years old when he joins up with the military in WWII, but I think he could play an older version of the Captain. I don't know maybe they could find some way to pull it off. There is no doubt that he has got the look, build, and acting ability. The age thing is the biggest problem.

Here is a nice little side by side comparison:

Is Neal McDonough Marvel's Captain America?!

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