Game Trailer: SINGULARITY looks pretty crazy

by Joey Paur

This is the first time I have heard of this game but I think it looks pretty sick, and the story is pretty crazy. It revolves around a mysterious island known only as "Katorga-12" where Russian experiments took place during the height of the Cold War era. At points during the games, locales will undergo a shift in time where the area is either reversed or moved forward through time. Ruined buildings will become new structures featuring Russian political decorations, and one level involving a battleship makes use of this, as the player will enter in the 1950's period and then try to escape in mid-battle while it crumbles around them after one of the aforementioned shifts occur.

The gameplay will revolve around a device, known as the TMD (Time Manipulation Device). It will be able to move a single object through the spectrum of time. It will be utilized both in classic FPS-style combat as a weapon and in Half-Life style puzzle solving. For instance, using the TMD's "rewind" function on a human opponent will send them into a "placental" state where they revert to an almost amoebic state before dying slowly. Examples of the device being used in puzzles involve sending a lock forward in time to watch it rust and crumble away, sending a broken bridge backwards to watch it return to a usable state, and sending a tree trunk forwards while standing on it as it grows to reach higher areas.

The TMD has four Announced functions. A Rewind, Age, Stasis, and a pulse type function.

Rewind: This allows the player to rewind an object or human backwards in time. This can allow the player to repair broken walkways to a new state, revert an empty barrel of oil to a full one, or turn a human into a placental state, resulting in an agonizing death. Upgrading this causes it to work faster.

Age: This allows the player to fast forward an object or human through time. This can turn a crate a group of enemies are using for cover into rotted wood, or turn an iron fence blocking your path into a pile of rust. Using this on an enemy will result in them quickly aging until they are nothing more than bones and dust. Upgrading this causes your targets to age faster.

Stasis: Stasis allows the player to pull an object towards him and freeze it in time. This works similarly to Half Life 2's Gravity Gun. One key difference is that rather than the object being held by gravity, it is held because it's timeline is frozen. This allows the player to, for example, grab a grenade, and hold it for as long as he or she wishes because it will not explode. Upgrading this allows you to pick up heavier objects and pull them to you more quickly.

Pulse: Pulse functions just like the Gravity Gun's Launch function. The targeted object is sent flying violently away. Upgrading this allows it to kill smaller enemies instantly.

This game sound completely awesome, and was developed by Raven Software and published by Activision. It will be release on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Check out the trailer below!

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