IRON MAN 2: Emily Blunt is Out, Pro Wrestler Matt Morgan is?

by Joey Paur

Ah man, does this mean that Scarlett Johansson is in? Look shes good looking and all but I don't think she is a very good actress. Apparently on the E Channel Red Carpet show Jon Favreau said that FOX has excersised it's option on Emily Blunt, which we already knew but we were hoping they would work something out. But then he added that she definitely won't be in 'Iron Man 2' which is a shame. He did not confirm whether or not Johansson will replace her so there may be a chance she doesn't do it? As you know Eliza Dushku is campaigning for the role of Black Widow. But I don't like either choices. Lets hope Fav's finds a decent actress to play this role.

It is also being reported that Pro Wrestler turned American Gladiator Matt Morgan is in talks to a villain role in 'Iron Man 2'. He appeared on Hot Talk 1280 WHTK and broke the new himself. He did reveal who he would play but I imagine it won't be a huge role, he will end up being someone's henchmen or thug, if he is cast at all. You know how wrestlers like to hype up their careers, which is exactly what he is doing here.

Source: The Playlist, Comic Book Movie

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