Lost Planet 2 Announcement and First Look

by Joey Paur

I don't know about the rest of you but I really enjoyed Xbox360's 'Lost Planet' game! I had a great time playing it, the game play was fun, the story was interesting, and the online multi-player was pretty freakin incredible. I love the world that was created for this game. The video below is the official Xbox Live Announcement which begins with an open speech from director Kenji Oguro. If you want to by pass the speech and head strait for the first look of Lost World 2 fast forward to time 1:35 on the player.

This sequel to Lost World looks great! The game takes place 10 -20 years after the first game, the planet has warmed and the ice has melted, so this time around the player will be able to fight in jungle type settings. I myself really enjoyed playing in the snow. Also the game will not focus on one story or characters but several of them.

The game uses Capcom's multiplatform MT Framework engine. Not only will this improve Lost Planet 2's visuals, it suggests that the game could come out on the PS3 and PC, as well. The only platform officially announced is the 360, but given Capcom's recently stated dedication to multiplatform releases, it will most likely end up being available on several diffrent gaming platforms.

Source: G4TV

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