IRON MAN 2 Starts Shooting in April & THOR gets a release date

by Joey Paur

Hey folks, just a quick up date on Iron Man 2. In case you aere all wondering has officially announced when Iron Man 2 will start shooting!

"Iron Man 2" will begin principal photography in early April starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle and directed by Jon Favreau.

You know what makes this kinda cool? San Diego Comic-Con is in July, this give's Favreau about three months to tactfully put some kind of 'Iron Man 2' film clip together to show us. How great would that be!

As for Thor's release date:

Kenneth Branagh is set to direct Marvel Studios' "Thor" which Paramount Pictures will distribute worldwide. The film will come to theatres domestically on July 16, 2010.

So I would guess Thor is going to start shooting around the same time as 'Iron Man 2'. I guess it all depends on when they cast the Norse God of Thunder. I wonder who it will be. They recently put out that casting call for a twenty something year old. I have actually been thinking about it, and I can only think of one actor that may be able to pull it off, but I am not sure of his acting ability. Garrett Hedlund who was in 'Troy', 'Eragon', and Most recently cast in 'Tron 2.0'. I kind of hope they go for a complete unknown actor for the part of Thor. I'm just thinking out loud here, but what do you think? Do you have any suggestions?

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