by Joey Paur

So who is excited for 'Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins'!? It looks like McG has made his best movie to date, not a hard thing to do considering his directing credits include 'Charlies Angles'. I think this next terminator looks like it going to be a really fun movie. There are a couple things in it that are very Hollywood cheesy like the motorminators, those were put in the film just so they could make a toy out of it. I'm looking forward to checking it out though.

This issue of Empire will hit shelves this Thursday and will include the first interview with Christian Bale regarding the film. It will also feature a big chunk of the Magazine on the entire Terminator series to this point, looking at the films, the TV show and with all-new interviews from many of the people who made it. It will also feature a bunch of new pictures.

The cover art for this thing is pretty damn cool looking.

Empire Magazine

Empire Magazine

Source: Empire

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