GREEN LANTERN Casting Rumors have begun

by Joey Paur

As you know Warner Bros. set the release date for it's 'Green Lantern' film for 2010. It's about time they get someone cast in the role of Hal Jordan. According to LatinoReview Sam Worthington was up for the role but can't do it because of his involvement with 'Clash of the Titans'. After that Ryan Gosling was repoted being a candidate for the part but he passed on it, also passing on the role was Emile Hirsch. Apparently Warner Bros is looking for a younger type actor to fill the Green Lanterns shoes. So who is the next person on the list they want to hit up for the role? I have to tell you I wasn't expecting it, I still don't see it, and this is a big rumor right now, but one of LR sources say that actor Anton Yelchin is now up for the part.

Anton Yelchin is a great actor, ever since I saw him in Stephen Kings adaptation 'Hearts in Atlantis' I knew he was going to make it in this crazy business. He also starred in 'Alpha Dog' and also plays Kyle Reese in 'Terminator Salvation', and Checkov in J.J. Abrams 'Star Trek'. Even though he is a great actor I just can't see him in the role of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. But then again I haven't seen him wear the ring or the famous green and black superhero costume. Who even knows if this is true or not? Anybody have anything to say about it?

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