2D Animation is not dead, Disney will keep the art form Alive

by Joey Paur

In my opinion the only reason Disney will keep traditional 2D animation alive is because of John Lasseter. Had he not come in and took the position that he did Disney would have killed it for good. The first animated film to start the new traditional animation revolution is going to be 'The Princess & the Frog'. They actually showed some footage of this film up at the Disney WonderCon panel, but not much more than what we have seen in the teaser trailer that was released not too long ago.

The biggest reveal though came from Marlon West who was the guy that ran the panel and worked at Disney since 'The Lion King' as an effects animator. West said that Disney's plan is to have a CGI animated film out every 18 months and a traditional hand-drawn animation film out every two and a half years.  I think this is great news! If Disney picks the right projects and best stories I think we are going to have some great animated films to watch. As long as John Lasseter is in charge I don't think we have anything to worry about. Fact of the matter is traditional animation is not dead.

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