ROBIN HOOD Russell Crowe says it will be the Best Robin Hood Movie ever

by Joey Paur

So we all know Ridley Scott is developing a project called Robin Hood, and if you didn't know then you know now. The movie use to be called 'Nottingham' and the two main character The Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood would be played by the same person which was odd, so i am glad the simplified the story. They are now putting the focus on Robin Hood. It was also reported recently that Cate Blanchette was cast as Maid Marion, so that is very cool. Now Russel Crowe has come out and talked to Empire regarding the film and here is what he has to say:

"The challenge is to make a great film. There's no point in making the second-best Robin Hood movie. If we are going to do it, we have to do it with the thought in mind that we've got the chance of making the best Robin Hood movie ever. Doing a Robin Hood movie is a childhood dream; doing a bad Robin Hood movie - that doesn't come into the dream. It's got to be fully realized and really worth the effort - as we sit and talk it's been 18 months of effort, and that's the sort of stuff that people don't see or quantify."

I really hope this turns out top be the best Robin Hood movie ever. It wont be hard to beat out the Kevin Costner, and Bryan Adams 'Prince of Thieves' movie, that's for sure. Personally I think the animated Disney version is still the best one out of all of them. Crowe goes on to talk about another project of his, the Bill Hicks biopic.

"It's a labour of love. it's been a couple of years so far, just discussing all the different possibilities and working on a script. Because you could approach it and just do a straightforward biopic, but that doesn't respect who he is and what he had to say. There's a very different theory that Bill Hicks was in fact a prophet, and that the things he said 20 years ago are still relevant now. Like he said, 'Don't vote in George Bush Sr because there are a whole lot of Bushes in Texas...' You can go through the stuff he was saying then and it's actually shocking, because it's like he was talking yesterday."

One last thing, he did say he was up for reprising his role as Captain Jack Aubrey in a 'Master and Commander' sequel, if it ever happens. I really liked that movie and I hope they do make more.

So there ya have it folks, your dose of Russell Crowe news for the day.

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