Jeff Bridges getting a younger Clone made for Tron 2.0

by Joey Paur

Hey gang, I got some pretty cool news to share with you regarding Disney's anticipated sequel TRON 2.0. As you may or may not know there is going to be a young Jeff Bridges in the movie, and Disney is going all out in making that happen. There is going to be lots of CGI and digitizing involved. If you remember in the incredible footage we saw a comic-con, an old bearded Flynn is playing his young program Flynn as he takes out some poor blue bastard program. Everyone was falling over themselves and the crowd was going crazy as we basked in the glory of this footage.

i09 recently found out the process that Disney is taking to get a clone of a young Jeff Bridges. Disney sent Bridges up to Canada to have a plaster cast created of his whole body.

They will then take that 3D model and make him younger and then slap it on a body double in post. As this is only one cog in the machine, I can't give a whole lot of detail. Canada scans actors and props to be used for various projects. These are very high resolution scans that pick up every wrinkle, face lift and scar on the actors body.

Tron 2.0 is bound to be incredibly awesome in every way possible, and I can't wait. In case you missed the Comic-con footage here it is for your enjoyment in bootleg low quality youtube.

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